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Subaru Taking STI to New Level

There’s a horsepower war raging in the streets, but Subaru will not amass troops of engineers on the border, provoke their rivals with claims of powertrain superiority or participate in any way.

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Instead, one of Japan’s fastest-growing automakers is concentrating its resources on allowing driving enthusiasts – a core audience vital to Subaru’s future – to better use the ample horsepower and torque currently available in production vehicles.

That means an emphasis on chassis dynamics and crisp steering for those customers who appreciate great handling and aggressive cornering and may even race on weekends.

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The strategy takes shape this week at the New York International Auto Show as Subaru unveils an STI concept car that signals the availability of a range of aftermarket parts patented by Subaru and designed to pique the curiosity of performance-oriented consumers.

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