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Superior Aerodynamics for All-New Honda Civic Type R

  • 2.0 liter direct injection VTEC TURBOENGINE and aerodynamic performance deliver class-best top speed of 270km/h (167mph)*
  • UNIQUEvents, grilles, spoilers and skirts contribute to enhanced downforce and minimized drag
  • All-new Honda Civic Type R in Championship White will make global debut at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

honda type r

The all-new Honda Civic Type R – which will make its world premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show – will feature a host of eye-catching design enhancements that have been heavily influenced by extensive aerodynamic development and testing, both on computer and in the wind tunnel. TheRESULT is a car with exceptional high speed stability and high levels of downforce.

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The superior aerodynamic performance helps make the most of the Civic Type R’s 2.0 liter direct injection VTEC TURBO engine, enabling the car to achieve a top speed of 270km/h (167mph)*, unrivalled amongst its front wheel-drive competitors.

honda type r3

ANEW, almostCOMPLETELY flat underside aids airflow under the vehicle and combines with a rear diffuser to optimize downforce – effectively ‘sucking’ the car onto the road.  A bespoke rear wing gives the car enhanced visual presence and delivers powerful additional downforce, thanks notably to the structure of its airfoil section.

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